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BIOS Unable to Update

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BIOS Unable to Update Empty BIOS Unable to Update

Message par boydell200 le Mar 26 Mar - 9:48

Hi there!

In reference to this successful HP Probook 4400s Sierra/High Sierra build.

(I am in desperate need for help here, please!) :crazy:

I am having trouble updating my BIOS from f.60 to any other BIOS. In this instance, I need to update to f.61 but have tried updating (from Flash Drive) to multiple different versions with the same outcome.

I load the update onto a flash and go through the process of launching via EFI. I launch the 'Updater.EFI', the program opens and reads "initializing" but after a split second it says update failed and reboots.

What am I doing wrong please?
Thank you for any help!

Date d'inscription : 26/03/2019

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BIOS Unable to Update Empty Re: BIOS Unable to Update

Message par chris1111 le Ven 5 Juil - 18:36

Sorry late reply!
Did you fix it ?

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