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[Success]HP Probook 4440s High Sierra 2018

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[Success]HP Probook 4440s High Sierra 2018

Message par platinumsteel le Jeu 21 Juin - 17:03

Hi guys..I just thought I would share my success screenshots without any issues on installing the Latest 10.13.5 on my HP Probook 4440s which I swapped out the core i3 processor in it..And I put in a Core i7 3740QM in it with an Intel HD 4000 and an ssd....It is very simple all i did was go to this post here by Chris https://www.hackintosh-montreal.com/t7561-hp-probook-elitebook-macos
There are 2 videos a part 1 and part 2 where Chris explains in detail how to use the Tools to install . macosx on Probook and Elitebook Models Labtops..And he speaks fluent english so it is very easy to understand...Just wanted to thanks Chris and his friends for making everything possible...If u have any questions u can feel free to send me a PM i will try my best to help..But from PreInstall to Post Install everything is clearly shown in Chris Videos...Just follow them and do exatly as he says and you will be good to go.


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Re: [Success]HP Probook 4440s High Sierra 2018

Message par chris1111 le Jeu 21 Juin - 21:40

Thanks man now its time to try macOS Mojave 10.14 oui

EDIT ***
Update  02 July 2018
Credit testeur MueKo, platinumsteel
Ad support Patch Intel HD 3000 / for 6 serie HP Laptop macOS Mojave 10.14
Update Source GitHub


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