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10.13.6 remove port limit

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10.13.6 remove port limit Empty 10.13.6 remove port limit

Message par Zsolt Szekely le Mer 11 Juil - 14:17

My system: GA-z77x / 3770k / rx580 / 16G ram/ wifi+bluetooth BCM9360 (need motherboard USB !!! ) ...
SMBios 13.2

I read all the topic and I made the patches, but no USB from the motherboard !
I installed to clover + L/E USBinjectall.kext and clover patches.... In vain.

PLEASE help me to correct my failures.... I enclose my EFI
I previously patched manually the IOUSBHost family, which enables all USB ports, but with 10.13.6 my webcam (Logitech C920) working WITHOUT video signal Sad. (as I checked through FaceTime, and skype)
Zsolt Szekely
Zsolt Szekely

Date d'inscription : 19/11/2017

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