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ChrisIII's installer for High Sierra

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ChrisIII's installer for High Sierra Empty ChrisIII's installer for High Sierra

Message par jeremygardn le Dim 30 Sep - 13:56

I maintain the family's fleet of Hackintoshes. All probooks: two 4530S, four 4340S and one 4540s. We started with snow leopard and moved fairly smoothly up to El capitan, using first the chameleon installer, then the clover installer presented on TONYMAC. I never upgraded because the installer was discontinued and I found Rehabman's instructions rather daunting. Fast forward to fall 2018 and Apple are going to stop supporting el capitan. Fortunately Chris has taken all the trouble to produce an installer that is really a dream to use. At least on the 4530s; I haven't done the others yet. I had a bit of trouble with the first one, because I didn't follow the instructions properly (no wifi), but the second one was a walk in the park. It has been several days now and so far I have not detected any issues.

Thanks Chris; un grand merci de nous tous ici au Luxembourg

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